Making Pizzeria style Pizzas at home is possible and very easy! You only need to have a flat pan, like those for pancakes or crepes and a oven. Make your dough the day before, shape it (100g balls) and let it rise over 24 hours. When ready flatten it making sure you push the air on the sides, so you can recreate the cornicione typical of Pizzerie in Naples. Put your favourite toppings on it. Pre-heat the flat pan, ideally it should be around 350 ˚C, and in the meantime turn the grill on in your oven. Now transfer the Pizza over the pan and like a pizzaiolo rotate the pizza while is cooking and check after a couple of minutes the bottom should start to become a bit burnt and the sides will be puffed. Ok, put it in the oven now, as close to the grill as possible for another couple of minutes always rotating every so often. Boom! You should have a proper pizza ready now!

For our Pizzetta we have used mozzarella, gorgonzola, smoked ham, fresh rocket, black pepper and extra-virgin olive oil. Buon appetito!


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