BAKING pizza

HAPPY NEW WEEK PIZZA LOVERS 💪 Did you make any exciting pizza during this bank holiday?

Well we did..because it’s always pizza time here in the FRITTO kitchen! Here are some pizzas you can recreate at home with our pizza kits.

Smoked fior di latte | Speck ham | Buffalo mozzarella | Black pepper | Lemon zest
Burrata cheese | Anchovies | Fresh thyme
Tomato sauce | Buffalo mozzarella | Pistacchio pesto

Currently we are offering 2 different types of pizza kits:
– the 5 MINUTE PIZZA KIT ➡️ we provide the pre-cooked base with exclusive Italian ingredients. Ready in few minutes you only need to assemble and bake it.
– DIY PIZZA KIT ➡️ we provide our step-by-step pizza recipe and all the basic ingredients (flour, yeast, salt) plus a choice of the finest Italian toppings.

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