THE SEXIEST BACON BUTTY 🥪 with duck egg, crispy pancetta, pecorino & salad leaves on homemade ciabatta!

Here’s how we made the ciabatta. The day before we refreshed our rye sourdough starter taking out 50g and mixed with 100ml water plus 50g rye flour. After about 10 hours we have used 140g of starter and mixed it with 450ml water, 500g strong bread flour, 100g wholemeal flour, 15g salt. With a plastic spoon we stirred for about 5 minutes to incorporate all the ingredients together > 30 minutes rest > every 15 mins a fold for about an hour > let it rise at room temperature over night (10 hours). This morning we transferred the dough over a well floured surface and without touching it, we cut it in chunks of roughly 200g and moved them on an oven tray. Then we waited another couple of hours and baked at 230C° for about 25 minutes…THE REST IS HISTORY 😝

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