pizza RECIPE

HOW PRETTY – HOW FRESH 🌱 Different dough than usual but same result…truly ADDICTIVE!

The base for this pizza was a classic focaccia Genovese >Top the base up with fresh chopped tomato > cook for about 8 mins at 240C° > add the mozzarella and cook a further couple of minutes to keep it super fresh > generous basil leaves and Extra Virgin olive oil. ENJOY! We can’t wait to serve you this in our shop here in Liverpool…soonish 🤞🏼Are you excited too?

With the same dough you can make a focaccia ripiena using two pizza bases: stretch one at the bottom in a well oily oven tray, add your favourite ingredients (in our case mozzarella, friarelli & mortadella!), and close with another stretched pizza base as a lid. Make sure you seal the edges and with a fork make some holes on the surface. Bake it for 12-15 minutes at 240C°.

We also made an extra one: with black olives, cherry tomato, smoked for di latte, fresh oregano – a piece of art and SUPER YUMMY too!

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