OUR PIZZAS in the little furnace oven

Every time we trade together our best street food mates Little Furnace we can’t resist to use their amazing wood-fired oven to cook some of our crazy creations. Here is above a collection of some of the pizzas we made together this year at the Baltic Market. We still remember some of these unusual toppings, like Pastrami & rocket or the Breakfast pizzas…GREAT FUN, LOADS OF GOODNESS!

Fritto @ Baltic Market 2019


Exactly a year later FRITTO IS BACK at the Baltic Market for six weeks, the best street food indoor market here in Liverpool! We are always very excited to trade at the Baltic as it’s a fantastic venue with great atmosphere and loads people attending. It’s a great opportunity for us to catching up with local Fritto lovers & friends.

Kevin – Our number one Panzerotto Ultrá

One of the main novelties this year it was the introduction of BRUNCHES at the weekend. We played around with different types of dough and filling for our ITALIAN BRUNCH OPTIONS. For sure the most popular it was when we made super soft focaccine filled with black pepper mayo, rocket leaves, fried egg, Tuscan sausage, pecorino Romano shavings and crispy pancetta.

Slowly fermented focaccia

We also introduced new exciting sides to the menu this year. SPAGHETTI FRIES & DONUTELLA were without any doubt the stars of this edition…they seemed to be never enough! Hopefully we will back next year..finger crossed!

For more info about the venue https://www.balticmarket.co.uk


Often customers think that we invented this new type of hipster pizza without knowing that actually a Panzerotto is part of the Italian history & culture. It’s maybe the most popular street food in Italy originally from the Apulia region in the South. It’s an art both making it and eating it. If you never had it, we believe IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


Sundays aren’t made for roast dinner in Italy, but for pizza. This time we wanted to make a pizza embracing all the flavour of a classic Margherita but with a lighter touch than the traditional. We splashed some seasoned chopped tomato on a 48hr fermented dough base, cooked in a domestic oven for about 8 minutes, then added some fresh mozzarella and baked for further 2 minutes; out the oven we topped with marinated sun-dried tomato, drizzled some rocket & basil pesto and garnished with fresh basil…SOOOO FRESH & TASTY!

Arancini madness

Feeling inspired by our recent trip to Sicily we made hundreds of Arancini – classic Bolognese & with porcini mushroom/Gorgonzola cheese. These bad guys alongside our Panzerotti will be our catering offer for a very cool wedding in Leeds.

Please get in touch if you also want Fritto to cater at your event or party. Send us an enquiry to ciao@fritto.org


Our holiday trip to Sicily in September was an ABSOLUTE TRIUMPH! Food was obviously the highlight. When ingredients are top quality its a real pleasure to cook simple dishes, but packed with flavour. Here is above a collection of our creations at the Villa using only local & seasonal produce.

Sicily is also well known for its street food – Arancini, fried fish cones, deep-pan style pizzas, seafood, gelato, brioche, granita just to mention a few. We had to visit the award winning CaffĂ© Sicilia in Noto famous for their pastries & granitas…UNREAL FOOD!

A special mention to PIANO B, one of the best surprise and favourite place during our stay. Located in Ortigia, a little peninsula connected to Siracusa, Piano B is a multi award winning Pizzeria, where tradition and innovation are entwined to offer a unique culinary experience to the guests. We have been shocked by the quality of their dough and the gourmet combinations. Check them out https://www.pianobsiracusa.com