Following the great success of our previous pizza & bread making classes at Homebaked, we aim to start a new session of baking workshops soon at Fritto’s where you will learn the basis of how to make delicious bread or pizza from scratch at home to enjoy with your family or friends.


Pizza making

Fritto delivered a series of pizza and bread workshops at Homebaked bakery in Anfield. They were great fun and an opportunity to learn the basics of how to make outstanding pizzas at home. Our mission is always to share both our passion and our knowledge with you, in order to promote fresh food against ready meals. Get in touch if you are interested in our pizza workshop.

Pasta making

Fritto ran a six week cooking course for young people in Garston, in collaboration with Employability Solutions and Youth Point. One of the aims of the course was to show the young people how simple and easy is to cook from scratch. Over the course we have highlighted the importance and the benefits of a balanced diet which includes regular consumption of fresh and seasonal vegetables, we had a masterchef pizza competition and  a pasta making session too. Lots of fun and healthy tips!

To create something out of nothing – a highly lucrative skill set and a classic metaphor for life.

Luca Sanvittore

Italian Street Food classes

Two sessions at Employability Solutions covering how to master a perfect Panzerotto and how to make an authentic Piadina, the two most popular italian street foods.

Fritto is on a mission to deliver a series of culinary workshops to improve confidence and employability prospects through cooking. Our mentoring and activities are targeted to support troubled youths, to build confidence and self-worth by teaching them how to combine simple ingredients with passion and imagination. The main goal is to teach young people about the importance of nutrition and physical well-being, and promote the appreciation of cultural diversity through cooking. Working in a kitchen demands self discipline, team work, and clear communication amongst its members… all positive character building influences that troubled youth often lack.

Italian cooking course

We have just completed a six week Italian cookery course for men resident in L8, Toxteth. The aim of the course was to improve people’s wellbeing and show how simple and fresh ingredients can make great dishes. Taking classic Italian recipes we explored the importance of a healthy diet using seasonal vegetables. All the dishes were completely vegetarian and packed with flavour. The group learnt how to make their own authentic pizza, perfect pasta making, master a classic risotto and much more.

The majority of people who come along are used to eating ready meals. The aim of our workshops is to give them the basics of how to cook simple and affordable meals with healthy and fresh ingredients.

Luca Sanvittore
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