We have some exciting new we want to share with you all..ready? From March FRITTO will be popping-up EVERY THURSDAY at the University Square in Brownlow Hill in Liverpool. Secondly our shop in Smithdown Road should be ready hopefully by the end of the year. We had a meeting with Liverpool City Council and work will be starting soon…fingers crossed!


Do you know we can cater to your party? Drop us an email to with your enquiry. Here are some highlights of our catering event at the Granby Winter Garden – a stunning converted house part of the award winning regeneration project of Granby Street – in the heart of Toxteth. An indoor garden & community space thought for artists and for the whole community to create & innovate together. For more info


We know it has been a while since your last Panzerotto, but we have been busy planning secretly some NEW exciting things coming up later on this year! You can find us around don’t worry we will be back soon…STAY TUNED!`


OUR PANINI are perfect for yummy sandwiches

Super easy to make and very soft these milky bread rolls area great idea for burgers or they make perfect party sandwiches. We had ours with chicken Milanese, crunchy salad leaves, mayo, mustard and sweet yellow peppers. DIVINE!

RECIPE: 500g strong bread flour, 4g dry yeast (12g fresh), 335ml whole milk, 30g sugar, 70g butter, 10g salt

Mix all the ingredients together (no salt & butter) knead it for 5 minutes then add salt. Once it’s all incorporated, add small pieces of butter a few at the time, knead it for an extra 5 minutes until the dough is smooth and not sticky. Prove it at room temperature for about three hours. Make small balls (50-80g each) and let them prove again for another three hours. Bake for 15 minutes at 190C°. MAKE YOURS AND TAG US!


Making HOMEMADE SCONES with Oliver on Sunday morning is priceless, so much fun & mess! Do you remember when we used to make these bad boys every morning during our time at Homebaked Bakery over in Anfield? Definitely my favourite breakfast after a baking shift snd a nice cut of English! To fill up the scones we whipped some double cream and mixed it with a stunning RHUBARB & GINGER PRESERVE from the Welsh Lady Preserves – bought it during our stay in North Wales few days ago.


This was probably one of the coolest pizzas we ever made! To celebrate the #Worldpizzaday we decided to make super special pizza. We have used for our dough a unique blend of flours: 400g Chapatti flour, 50g Semola rimacinata, 50g spelt flour – slowly fermented over 24 hours. Then we laid a thick layer of chestnut mushroom on an oven tray, covered with the pizza dough & baked for 15 mins. Once out the oven we flipped it over into another tray, added crispy pancetta bites, Taleggio cheese and sprinkle some fresh rosemary! The result was UNBELIEVABLE.