Visiting a Fritto market stall or pop-up event means a feast of homemade Italian goodies, such as Panzerotti  – the famous Italian pasty made with soft pizza dough –  and the delicious vegan donuts Frittelle. You’ll also fall in love with Fritto’s Arancini – which literally means little oranges – deep fried saffron infused risotto balls with melting Italian cheese in the middle.

Starting life at the Granby Four Streets Community Market in Toxteth, Fritto brings an authentic taste of Italy to mobile street food, catering, pop-up events and community markets around Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds.

Each and every one of our products is made from scratch, with love & care. Fritto is homemade and Italian; our guiding philosophy is to create tasty food centred around fresh and simple ingredients. We use only seasonal and locally sourced vegetables to celebrate different tastes throughout the year. We love to give you a rich and genuine Italian experience without the fuss and fast. We take inspiration from the authentic tastes and street dishes of Italy, combined with traditional, regional recipes and bring them to you. Back in 2018 Fritto won as “Best Newcomer” at the English Italian Awards held in Manchester, a prestigious national competition between other Italian businesses operating in UK.


Fritto is also an award-winning social enterprise on the mission to use food to enrich peoples’ lives, while tackling social issues through cooking workshops and mentoring activities. Fritto’s story began at Granby Fourstreets Community Market in the summer of 2015, when the organisers invited Luca to sample his Italian street food menu on the local community… and we’ve never looked back.

It turns out that Granby Street was the perfect place to begin the Fritto story, combining Luca’s two passions: food and social change. Milan-born Luca came to Merseyside in 2010 to study a Master degree in Criminology at the University of Liverpool. Five years later, he left his job to follow his passion for cooking and do something more worthwhile.

Just months after launching his social enterprise, Luca’s work has been recognised at the 2016 Liverpool Youth Awards for ‘improving wellbeing and resilience of young people’. As part of its ethos, Fritto uses food to facilitate positive change in the lives of unemployed people, young offenders and other disadvantaged groups by offering volunteering opportunities and work experience, along with cookery workshops and mentoring.

I believe in the joy and excitement that food can bring. With Fritto, I aim to improve people’s confidence and self-esteem through cooking, sharing and eating together. Food is a universal language and has the power to make a real difference in people’s lives, be it socially, in terms of skills and employment or improving health and wellbeing. Food breaks down boundaries and brings people together, so it provides the ideal platform for initiating positive change, within an individual or a whole community.

Luca Sanvittore

Luca’s aim is to make a positive contribution to society using food; to promote wellbeing and support independent living; to provide constructive and enriching support to vulnerable or at-risk young adults through a series of mentoring activities and food workshops. Check out the workshops page for more information and find out how to get involved.

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