Fritto is planning to open a shop in the next few months in Smithdown Road – Liverpool as part of the Council regeneration scheme known as “House/Shop for a Pound”.

Our aim will be to offer daily a variety of baked goods for the local community, in particular artisan bread, sweet pastries, Italian cakes and a selection of the best Italian street food, alongside the most authentic Italian coffees with a dedicated espresso bar.

For three years, Luca – the Italian Baker behind Fritto used to bake every morning in a community bakery in Anfield – “Homebaked”, just opposite to the football ground to provide fresh quality bread for local residents. Scones, bread and pizza are all customers favourite.

Customised Bread for LFC



Pizza al taglio literally means pizza “by the cut”, but it translates in pizza by the slice. Originally from Rome, it is a variety of pizza baked in large rectangular trays, and generally sold in rectangular or squares by the weight. This is one of the most popular Italian fast food! For many years in Italy, and especially in Rome, it is has been a way for grab a quick snack ‘on the go’. This is a proper street food!

Our baking experience at Homebaked Community bakery in Anfield

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