Every morning our talented Italian baker Luca makes delicious pizzas – sold by the slice – focaccia, fresh bread and yummy sandwiches. Luca loves experimenting with new types of flour and flavour combinations to create something different every week. We use a special blend of Italian flours for our bread and pizza: semola rimacinata di grano duro & tipo 1 flour – which is the stage before the wholemeal. Our dough is slowly fermented between 24 and 48 hours to give both a better texture and taste.

You can expect both the classic Margherita pizza and more unusual toppings. Our focaccia sandwiches are filled every morning with freshly sliced authentic Italian cured meat, such as porchetta, mortadella, pancetta, prosciutto crudo, and cheese or exciting veggie options.

Since opening there is no doubt that the customers’ favourite are the bomboloni, classic Italian donuts dusted in sugar and filled with jam or different creams. Fluffy and light, these donuts are impossible to resist and those filled with custard cream and pistacchio cream are another level! Highly addictive!

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