Be Lovely Day 2016

“Be Lovely Day is about doing something for others, to be the change in the world you wish to see through random acts of kindness. With Fritto I am lucky enough to be able to share my cooking skills with the people of Shaw Street, and I’m thrilled that together we were able to feed some of our more vulnerable neighbours.”

Lovely article from Riverside UK about our ‘Be Lovely Day’ adventure! It has been such a great experience cooking authentic spaghetti & meatballs with Riverside’s residents and delivering them to the homeless at the Salvation Army Ann Fowler House in Liverpool.


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On a mission to deliver a rich and genuined Italian experience 'on the go' without the fuss and fast. We take inspiration from the authentic tastes and street dishes of Italy, combined with traditional, regional recipes and bring them to you. Food is only as good as the ingredients in it, which is why all the produce we use is fresh and it comes directly from Italy. The proof is in the eating.

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