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Fritto & Little Furnace on a road trip to NAPLES & ROME

With our friends from Little Furnace we share the same passion for food, in particular for pizza. What a better ‘go to’ place for pizza lovers than NAPLES? Then we decided to fly over to the pizza capital…You can’t even imagine how many pizzas we have eaten in just few days. However Napoli isn’t just about pizza, but it has a massive street food scene. You can literally find people with their house doors open, cooking on the streets, serving piping hot PIZZA FRITTA, like the famous Signora Fernanda. Luca had to have a chat with her trying to get as much tips as possible to apply to his famous fried calzone (Panzerotti).

Da Fernanda – the local PIZZA FRITTA legend

As soon as we arrived in Naples are first stop was at the well know PIZZA FRITTA DAL 1947 just nearby the train station. Fantastic fillings in a wonderful fried dough!


We paid a visit to the most famous Pizza Maestros, such as Sorbillo, 50 Kalò, MASARDONA, and more…

After few days in Naples we went to ROME just for a couple of days, just long enough to visit another “Pizza Hero” BONCI, and eat some amazing Roman pasta and gelato around Trastevere.

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