Here is for you some top tips from our experience that we want to share. If you fancy starting a new business, especially if street food related, this simple advice could be very precious. We believe the first few months (3-6) are all about testing your products and market research; therefore it’s advisable to not spend a lot of money in super fancy and professional gear. Use what’s available and accessible to you. With time – event after event and with the money you get – you can invest in better equipment and expand slowly. Also before we started trading we gained some experience from other street food trader;, we offered our help for free in return for insider knowledge about equipment and processes. Believe us, this is the best thing you can do! It’s also very important to find a gap in the market with either a new product or find a different way to do something that stands out. Last but not least, build your brand around a strong identity with a catchy name and a good logo so people can remember you. GOOD LUCK! And please get in touch if you need any help starting up.

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