RECIPE risotto

This was definitely the BEST RISOTTO we have ever made! This risotto is like an orchestra of angels..perfectly balanced.

Another epic lunch in the Fritto kitchen during this lockdown! The subtle sweetness of butternut squash, with the kick of a fiery spicy ‘Nduja sausage & ground black pepper, combined with the saltiness of Pecorino Romano and some bitter tones from the crispy tender stem broccoli…SENSATIONAL!

Start making the soffritto, toast the rice for a couple of minutes, add a ladle at time of vegetable stock, after 10 minutes add the butternut squash purée (previously roasted for about 20 minutes). When the rice is cooked, heat off, add some ‘Nduja, Parmesan and a bit of butter and Mantecare (mix it thoroughly). Top it up with few fried & crispy broccoli tender stem and serve it!

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