TAGLIOLINI ALLE VONGOLE one of my favourite pasta of all time! EASY & TASTY PASTA RECIPE

Friday is market day at LOCOROTONDO a perfect place to wonder around looking for local produce. We love shopping at markets, it makes you feel connected to a place and is so much more personal than the big chain supermarkets. It also means you get charged €19 euro for 1kg of clams…although this lunch was worth it!

Super easy & straightforward to make it: put the clams (already cleaned – soak them in water & salt for about an hour) in a saucepan with a drizzle of oil, crushed garlic glove, some parsley (unchopped) and five cherry tomatoes cut in half on high heat. After a couple of minutes add a splash of white wine (or Prosecco in our case) and let it evaporate, cook it for further 5 minutes. Add the pasta with some cooking water to the clam sauce, toss the pasta for 30 seconds on high heat. Heat off, generously sprinkle extra virgin olive oil and a big handful of chopped parsley! SERVE EAT ENJOY

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