Polenta Bites

dsc_0507Crispy outside, soft inside.

Polenta chips are the perfect alternative to potato chips and are wonderfully tasty with a crispy outside and fluffy inside. A traditional Milanese peasant food, Polenta is made from ground cornmeal. Traditionally, Polenta is considered a replacement for bread during a meal, or instead of the pasta course, served usually with butter, cheese and sage or as a side dish to regional meat dishes such as ossobuco, waterfowl and fish.

A contemporary use of Polenta, especially among the ‘cool bars’ in Milan as an aperitivo is to cut it in different shapes and deep fried to they get crispy. Beautifully covered of a layer of salt, herbs and spices those polenta sticks a great accompaniment to almost anything. You can have them with different kind of salsa, yoghurt sauce or chilli.

They taste delicious and are satisfyingly scrumptious.


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