IMG_0110The famous rice balls

An Italian classic street food dish known as Arancini (“little oranges” in Italian).

These golden, deep-fried rice balls are such a treat fresh off the stove, stuffed with glorious gooey mozzarella. Though the delicacy originated in Sicily in the 10th century as a great way to use the leftover risotto, it’s since grown into one of the country’s most popular street foods with “cousins” all over the country, like the suppli in Rome and the pall’e riso in Naples.

Arancini are now a tasty snack or starter very popular in any Italian party. Crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, filled with cheese, peas and sometimes bolognese, they are very similar to a croquette.

Children and adults absolutely adore these cheesy rice balls.


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