FRITTO panzerotti

We are bringing the most popular Italian street food in UK – Panzerotti!

IMG_3184The Italian Pasty

How amazing would be to find a place on the street, while you walk, selling hot and tasty Panzerotti like how normally would happened around Italian streets? A smaller version of a calzone, but produced with a softer dough, filled with fresh regional ingredients and slowly deep fried. Native to Puglia Panzerotti is the most popular Italian street food only second to pizza.

A stuffed, half moon-shaped pastry that’s similar to a small calzone, but with softer dough. It’s generally filled with a a variety of fresh ingredients and a combination of cheeses and tomato, then fried until it’s crisp and slightly flaky on the outside. The result is a pillowy, cheesy parcel that’s kind of like the Platonic ideal of a hot pocket.

Nothing beats eating it off a napkin, on the street, fresh from the fryer.

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