St. Patrick Day’s Pizza

This is our contribution for St. Patrick Day back in March. We made two very special pizza…the first one below is called Paddy’s Pizza and it represents the Irish flag on a Pizza..why not? So we got the bright green from mushy peas (cooked with bacon, butter and parmesan), the white from vintage Irish Cheddar and the orange from honey-glazed carrots. It was a crazy experiment but super delicious!

The second one is our Guinness Pizza, with mash potato, Guinness sautéed leek and Irish Guinness sausage…what a winning combo!

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On a mission to deliver a rich and genuined Italian experience 'on the go' without the fuss and fast. We take inspiration from the authentic tastes and street dishes of Italy, combined with traditional, regional recipes and bring them to you. Food is only as good as the ingredients in it, which is why all the produce we use is fresh and it comes directly from Italy. The proof is in the eating.

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