Carlo Cracco is a very famous Italian chef and a television personality. He recently opened a super posh restaurant in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milano. Last time we went back home to Italy we went there and had his pizzas.

Very difficult to review it! Pizza from Cracco for sure isn’t just an ordinary pizza, it’s an overall EXPERIENCE! The dough isa special blend of flour, coked in an electric oven, soft and spongy to embrace a super rich tomato sauce (almost like those you usually get on a classic Sunday pasta).

Topped with tasty mozzarella, dried cherry tomato and tomato powder – the MARGHERITA or with fried aubergine & zucchine – the VERDURE one. These two are the only pizzas you can get! Taste-wise if you close your eyes it feels like you are eating A LASAGNA or PARMIGIANA. The richness of the sauce and its abundance is what make this pizza special and unique! Cost £20 each!!!

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