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In a small village just outside Milan there is THE BEST PIZZA place – POLDO

The best pizza in the world for us isn’t in Naples. Just outside Milan there is a small village Cormano where Luca, our Italian baker is from, famous for two things: the daily massive queue on the motorway passing by Cormano and for a local PIZZA LEGEND called Poldo. Every time we go back to see my family I have to pay a visit to this pizzeria! They offer a wide range of pizzas, but they all have in common very generous and amazing quality toppings. It’s a deep-pan style pizza served by the slice (2 options – normal or large), characterised by a super soft dough and a crunchy crust. Pizzas there are all amazing , but my absolute favourite is the salsiccia & friarelli. The recipe is top secret and it’s all managed by two brothers who constantly work in the restaurant very hard, despite their success. If you go to Milan it’s worth a visit there.

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