FRITTO party


TANTI AUGURI from Fritto for a wonderful 2020 full of joy and Panzerotti. We miss celebrating Christmas in Italy when you were constantly eating for three consecutive days. In some parts, especially in the South celebrations start on the 24th December, usually eating a lot of seafood & fish, waiting for the clock to tick midnight so you can go to the mass in your local church and meet up with your friends…so many good memories! Make sure you eat enough Panettone and remember to #STAYFRITTO!

Here is a collection of our party food to celebrate a very cosy Christmas with our family. Crostini with burrata cheese & king prawns & lemon zest or with anchovies & thyme; mini bruschetta with soft cheese, smoked salmon and dill; focaccia filled with raisins & fried onions..and few other bits. Can you spot in the last picture a jar of “Mostarda”? It’s a very traditional Northern Italian condiment made of candied fruit and a mustard-flavoured syrup perfect with cheese or boiled beef. NOT FOR EVERYONE BUT WE LOVE IT!

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