Mamma mia! The best holiday ever..Sicily we love you..Grazie!

Our holiday trip to Sicily in September was an ABSOLUTE TRIUMPH! Food was obviously the highlight. When ingredients are top quality its a real pleasure to cook simple dishes, but packed with flavour. Here is a collection of our creations at the Villa using only local & seasonal produce.

Sicily is also well known for its street food – Arancini, fried fish cones, deep-pan style pizzas, seafood, gelato, brioche, granita just to mention a few. We had to visit the award winning CaffĂ© Sicilia in Noto famous for their pastries & granitas…UNREAL FOOD!

A special mention to PIANO B, one of the best surprise and favourite place during our stay. Located in Ortigia, a little peninsula connected to Siracusa, Piano B is a multi award winning Pizzeria, where tradition and innovation are entwined to offer a unique culinary experience to the guests. We have been shocked by the quality of their dough and the gourmet combinations. Check them out

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