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Another great day for the Fritto boys at GRUB but sadly it’s our last event – COVID 19

Just a big thank you to all the people who came down to GRUB in Manchester to enjoy our fried pizzas…you were a lot! We love trading at GRUB, over the last few years we built a community of Panzerotti Lovers also outside Liverpool. The FRITTO BOYS are slowly conquering the whole UK.

You can usually find us there at least once month. Give GRUB a follow on social media. For more info

Very sadly we have decided that was also our last event for a while…. We are all aware of what has been going on around the world in the last few weeks with this terrible VIRUS. As you know we are a small independent business and this can effect us a lot, however we want to prioritise our customers’ health and our own. We think it’s a good idea to STOP trading now and not wait until it’s too late.


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