BAKING italian burger RECIPE

Who doesn’t like a good burger especially if it’s homemade? Here is an EASY RECIPE to make your own BRIOCHE BUNS!

When Fritto doesn’t do events it’s the perfect opportunity to be creative in the kitchen and play around with new recipes. As we love sharing our experiments with you, here is a very easy recipe to make outstanding BURGER BUNS at home. We filled ours with homemade lemon mayo & pesto, lamb/beef patty, Manchego cheese, grilled aubergine, sun-dried tomato, salad leaves.

500g Strong bread flour
255ml Water
12g Fresh yeast (or 4g dry)
28g Sugar
13g Salt
85g Butter
1 Egg
8g Malt (not necessary)

👉🏼Mix all the ingredients (except butter & egg) > knead for 5 mins > add the egg and knead until it’s well incorporated > add the butter a bit at a time > knead it until smooth and not wet.
👉🏼 Prove the dough until it triples in size (4/5 hours at 20/21C°)
👉🏼 Make the dough balls and let them prove for another 2/3 hours at room temperature
👉🏼 Bake them at 230C° for 12 mins.

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