BAKING pizza

Have you ever been to BARI and tried their typical street food? Her majesty la FOCACCIA BARESE

This type of focaccia is the perfect example that simple things are the best! You only need some juicy cherry tomatoes, oregano and salt..that’s it. Follow this recipe step by step and you can recreate a similar experience in your home using just a domestic oven 👍🏼

INGREDIENTS (makes two trays)
750g Semola Rimacinata
50gr Wholemeal flour
560ml Water
18g Salt
4g Dry yeast
40ml EVO oil

Mix all the ingredients together (no salt and oil) knead for 5 minutes then add salt & oil and knead for further 10 minutes until smooth > let it rest for an hour > split the dough in two, shape them into balls and let them prove for another 2 hours > stretch them and put them in oven trays and rest them for about an hour & half > squeeze in your sweet cherry tomatoes chopped in half > season all generously with oil, salt and oregano >bake it for 12/15 mins at 230C°.

Perfect as it is, or slice it to make outstanding FOCACCIA SANDWICHES. We filled ours with CACIO cheese & stunning PORCHETTA from Fratelli Beretta.

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