NEW pizza recipe to save & try for your ultimate GOURMET PIZZA – Pizza al Padellino or Tegamino

This time this pizza recipe is a bit more complicated than the usual pizza dough, but believe us it’s worth it! This style of pizza is called PIZZA AL TEGAMINO, which literally means “pizza in the pan”. The size really depends on the baking pan you are using. Smaller than the usual 12” pizza, it’s served in slices with fancy toppings on, usually added at the end, after the base has been baked. We have used a blend of flours, our rye sourdough starter and a fermentation over 24 hours.

600g strong bread flour
100g multiseed & multigrain flour
50g rye flour
50g semola rimacinata
160g sourdough starter
1.5g fresh yeast
75% water
20g salt
50ml EVO oil


Keep 50ml of water on the side. Mix all the ingredients together (no salt & oil). After about 5 minutes add salt with the remaining water and mix for a couple of minutes. Then slowly add the oil and keep mixing until it’s all well incorporated. Cover with cling film & let it rest for an hour at room temperature. After this time transfer the dough over on to a workbench and do few folds to strengthen the dough and incorporate more air. Wait for another hour and do more folds. Repeat this a couple of more times. Leave it for another hour at room temperature, then in the fridge at 6 degrees overnight 8/10 hours. The day after take it out and leave it at room temperature for about 3 hours. Shape into balls (200g each) and let them prove for a further 5 hours. Stretch the dough and transfer it into a well oiled small oven pan and let it rest for another hour. Bake it at 240C° for 12 minutes. Add your favourite toppings and BUON APPETITO!

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