BAKING bread

NO SOURDOUGH PIZZA! YES SOURDOUGH BREAD! We aren’t big fans of sourdough especially when applied to pizza for few simple reasons

There are three main benefits of using a sourdough starter when baking. First of all, it extends SHELF-LIFE of a product, second it gives a richer TASTE, third it contributes to a better STRUCTURE of the dough. NOW how can you apply these 3 benefits to a Neapolitan style pizza which is eaten in less then 5 minutes, it’s not thicker than 0.5mm and covered of rich ingredients? We believe that in the last few years this has been used more for MARKETING reasons than anything else. Have you noticed this around supermarkets as well? All the modern posh frozen pizzas claim clearly on the box SOURDOUGH PIZZA like if this magic word can make any pizza better 🤔 On the other hand, sourdough BREAD it’s all a different story! In this case you can really enjoy all the benefits of a sourdough starter obtaining higher quality bread. But again BE CAREFUL, bread made using the classic baker’s yeast can be AMAZING too if you know the processes and prefer a controlled & longer fermentation over a super quick one.
Sorry but this is something that’s been in our heads for a while and we wanted to SHARE it with you. What’s your opinion?

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