pizza RECIPE

Let us introduce you a very special pizza..ladies and gentlemen THE MOJITO PIZZA!

During our journey in Puglia we have been intrigued by the seen on the menu of a very “unusual” panzerotto from a local shop…a MOJITO PANZEROTTO! We had to try this combo, so me made a pizza inspired by this. Who doesn’t like an icing cold Mojito  in a hot sunny day? Imagine that on pizza? I mean no literally but with a similar flavour combination…we know it might sounds a bit odd, but we assure you that works very well actually!

Cook your pizza base for about 6 minutes in your domestic oven at max temperature (250 C), then add big chunks of mozzarella, some roughly chopped sun-dried tomatoes and squeeze half a lime on it. Put it back in the oven for further 3/4mins. When out sprinkle some mint leaves 🍃 THAT’S YOUR MOJITO PIZZA!

Please don’t judge us just make it and let us know what you think.

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