pasta RECIPE

SIMPLICITY WINS EVERY TIME! Great easy broccoli pesto sauce to make your pasta sing!

Does it happen to you to cook the most delicious dinners when you have only a few spare ingredients around? Today we had an incredible tasty TAGLIATELLE for lunch just combining some leftovers in the fridge.
In an electric hand blender we put 5 little broccoli heads (previously boiled), 3 anchovies, about 40g basil, a handful of rocket leaves, 30g mixed nuts (walnuts, cashews), handful of Parmesan, pinch of salt, oil (20-50g); blend it until all combined. Add few spoons of the PESTO in the pasta pan (keeping some of the water) – just before the pasta is ready.
Mix it throughly on high heat for few seconds until it thickens up. Heat off. Transfer to a plate, add sundried tomato, rocket leaves and for extra texture top it up with some crushed nuts 🤤🤤

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