We have brought a slice of Puglia back home! How to make the real FOCACCIA BARESE with your domestic oven.

Sadly our holiday is over, we had such an amazing time in our homeland, full of yummy food and outstanding little towns and beaches. As we were craving and missing already FOCACCIA BARESE, we made some yesterday at home. Very easy to make it! Just follow this EASY RECIPE:

250g 00 Flour
250g Semola Rimacinata
8g fresh yeast (3g dry)
310ml water
25ml oil
12g salt

> Mix the yeast in the flour, mix oil and water (300ml) together > add it all in the flour and mix for about 5 minutes. Then add the salt with 10ml of water, and mix it throughly for further couple of minutes. If you knead by hand, knead it vigorously for an extra 10 minutes; if you use a mixer, second speed for 4/5 minutes.
> Make a smooth ball and let it prove at room temperature for about two hours (covered)
> After this time, shape it into balls (280/300g each) and let them prove again for further couple of hours.
> Now transfer each ball in a generous oiled oven tray (10.5”) and stretch it roughly, trying to cover all the surface (TIP: after 10 minutes rest try to stretch it further to the edges it should be much easier)
> Squeeze the previously chopped cherry tomatoes in with all the juice. You can add olives or capers, oil and oregano at the same time.
> Let them prove for a further 30/45 minutes.
> Bake at 250c (fan mode oven settings) one focaccia at time right in the middle for 9/10 minutes.


The classic: cherry tomato and black olives
Focaccia barese with cherry tomato, yellow roasted peppers, capers
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