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PANZEROTTI TIME…another epic day at GRUB in Manchester!

Every time we are back at GRUB in Manchester is a triumph! A huge thank you to everyone who came down for our PANZEROTTI, you were so many and we SOLD OUT! How hot and sunny that was?! Some people travelled from Leeds, and others from Liverpool…that makes us very happy 🙂 Here below some pics of this epic weekend. GRAZIE!!

“About eighteen months ago I visited one of my pals in Liverpool, where she took us to Baltic Market, a lovely little indoor space packed with loads of different food and drink stalls. It was here that I had what may be the best thing I have ever eaten – the Panzerotti, a deep fried calzone by Fritto UK. I am not exaggerating, this calzone was so incredibly satisfying – it was packed with bubbly, stringy melted cheese, crispy proscuitto, and pure happiness. On their Instagram, Fritto say that the Panzerotti will change your life and oh my gosh they are not wrong!

Anyway, my point is that I saw that Fritto UK were one of the vendors at GRUB and literally jumped up in excitement; I needed my second helping of what I hope will be a lifetime of deep fried calzones. So, even though the rest of the vendors’ food looked amazing, I knew we were getting our scran from Fritto. I opted for a proscuitto and mushroom filled Panzerotto, and my partner chose the ‘Salame’, which was filled with salami and some other spicy meat. We got some scrummy Italian fries to share too, because #treatyourself.

Although both calzones were verrry hot heat-wise, and we got them mixed up at first, they were absolutely amazing, and completely lived up to my expectations and fond memories. They were super cheesy, salty, chewy (in a good way) and oh-so filling. The fries were also crunchy, salty (can you tell I love salt?) and were a delicious contrast to the cheesy goodness of the calzones. Overall, I absolutely adored this part of my GRUB experience, partly because it brought back great memories of a lovely trip and partly because the food was so damn good!”

Thanks for the review @eatofthemomentblog

FRITTELLA: our giant vegan Italian donut with sugar & cinnamon

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